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Executive Committee

Below is the Executive Committee who has the privilege of leading the chapter this year as servant leaders.

Treston Hughes: Treston Hughes is serving his second consecutive term as Grand Master of Epsilon-Phi. His dedication to the order while simultaneously conducting himself as a servant leader has propelled him into the position he is in today. Treston is an aspiring commercial litigation attorney and plans to pursue that degree at Texas Tech University School of Law. His current passions include writing, recording music, and of course, Kappa Sigma. Treston hopes to set a strong foundation for the chapter while reinstalling the same culture of excellence that once dominated Texas Tech Greek life. His message to all brothers that have come before and that will undoubtedly follow is, "Never let an obstacle demotivate you from attaining what you desire."

Jaxon Plymire: As the Grand Procurator Jaxon Plymire emphasizes the four pillars of the fraternity and executes a plan to set up brothers on the road to success during and after college. Jaxon is currently studying to major in Information Technology. 

Ryan Henderson: The Grand Master of Ceremonies is Ryan Henderson. Ryan is a current Sophomore within the Rawls College of Business. He is from Brock, Texas just outside of Weatherford. He is planning on majoring in supply chain management.

Ryan Jones: Ryan Jones is the Grand Scribe of the Epsilon-Phi chapter. He is from Dallas Texas and is currently a Sophomore. He is studying Information Technology within the Rawls College of Business. 

Jared Matzke: Jared Matzke is the Grand Treasurer of the Epsilon-Phi colony. He is majoring in Personal Financial Planning with a minor in Accounting. He is from Brock, Tx, and graduated in 2019. He intends to graduate in 2023 and either find a job in finance or start his own business.


Left to Right Jared Matzke (Treasurer), Ryan Jones (Grand Scribe), Ryan Henderson (Grand Master of Ceremonies), Jaxon Plymire (Grand Procurator), Treston Hughes (Grand Master)

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